Marino Faliero (Donizetti)
"Israeli soprano Raya Gonen gave a dazzling performance of the mad scene in Act 3 of 'Marino Faliero'".
Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post

Mose in Egitto (Rossini)
"An International Soprano with a spectacular upper register".

Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post

Marina ( E. Arrieta)

"Soprano Raya Gonen in the title role held her own vocally and dramatically against three of the strongest male voices around:... She seemed in full voice and complete control".
Judy Gruber, The Washington Post

"Raya Gonen, who sung the role of Marina, proved to be the diva par excellence. Gonen's tone was lush and full, and her diction was always clear even in the highest registers".
John Pitcher, Alexandria Gazette

La Traviata
"Raya Gonen sang her first Violetta with distinction, in a revival of New Israeli's opera "La Traviata." She replaced an ailing Nancy Gustaffson on a few hours notice, disclosing a light pliant lyric and creating a tender, wistful and pathetic heroine".
Maurice Springer, Opera Canada

"The Israeli singer Raya Gonen stepped into the challenging role of Violetta at the last minute. She did it with dignity, and in the fourth act reached a high artistic level".
Ron Weidberg, Maariv

Don Pasquale

"The real star of the evening was soprano Raya Gonen (as Norina), who mastered with real elán a demanding part".
The Jerusalem Post

"Raya Gonen as Norina blossomed from scene to scene, gaining vocal strength and freedom of movement. When, in the final scene, her highest notes rose magnificently over the whole ensemble...she truly had reason to be pleased with her accomplishment. To sum up: the evening belonged to Raya Gonen".
Benjamin Bar-Am, Jerusalem Post

The Telephone
"Raya Gonen, a real true star, chattered on the phone with a clear and bright soprano, and with convincing acting. She conquered the stage, leaving the man courting her behind".
A. Shelah, Al Hamishmar

Raya in "The Telephone" from the television program "Do Re Mi"as broadcasted on Israeli TV. Raya as Norina in Donizetti's "Don Pasquale" w/the Israeli National Opera.

In Recital
"Raya Gonen is a gifted, excellently trained Israeli soprano...a classy redhead with considerable charm and stage presence. At Weill Hall the entire program (Vocal Jewels from Israel) was well sung, with a clear projection that is particularly welcome in the song repertoire. Ms. Gonen is an intelligent and artful worker with many fine qualities, and we wish her all best luck in her career".
Benjamin Ivry, New York Concert Review

"Israel's Raya Gonen looked marvelous.. .sang bravely in Handel's "Oh, hadl Jubal's Lyre"... and an impassioned Rachmaninoff song".
A.J. Sicluna, South Wales Echo

"Raya Gonen is a rare soprano whose strength fills the hall in which she appears. She is blessed with a clear voice, bright and well cultivated, with effortless high notes'.
Uri Epshtein, Ha'aretz

"Ms. Gonen's voice soared with foreboding beauty reflecting the rising flames described by the text. She brought to this concert not only a well trained voice and musical artistry but passionate feelings and dedicated devotion to the music and its text. Ms. Gonen's lullabies by Thereseienstadt composer Gideon Klein and Use Weber left no dry eye in the hall and her three selections from Song of Songs by Israeli composer Tzvi Avni were sung with exquisite delicacy and verve".
Eileen Wingard, Concertmistress of the San Diego Symphony, San Diego Jewish Press Heritage

"There is a special energy, often a deeply melancholy eloquence in this style, and Raya Gonen responded to it powerfully".
Joseph Mclellan Washington Post

"Raya Gonen's first CD has the brilliance and beauty of gem stones, combined with a warmth and fluidity that it's title does not suggest".
Harriet Kessler
The Jewish Community Voice

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